American circa 1955-1960
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Kodacolor (Magenta)
Installation of digital enlargements of vernacular Kodacolor snapshots printed on fabric. Reverse sides of vernacular Kodacolor original snapshots on picture rail.

Kodacolor originals from the collections of Peter J. Cohen and Laura Ruth Bidwell. Installation concept by Laura Ruth Bidwell.
In the 50’s Kodak made the color snapshot widely available to the masses and introduced the idea of making the snapshot a lasting record of the best moments of our lives. Consumer ads read; “Big weekend coming up - time to take those snapshots you’ll treasure all your life.”

Nevertheless, Kodak struggled to deliver a truly stable photographic print and its wildly popular Kodacolor drugstore prints from the ’50s into the early ’60s were all fated to fade, losing all of the cyan and yellow dye layers, leaving only magenta.

Visitors are encouraged to touch and walk through this installation of anonymous snapshots and consider if the damage of time has created a sense of loss or rosy nostalgia.