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Multi-walled Carbon nanotube array, Ultra-diffusive Light Absorbing Foil, Cast acrylic, Wood.
12 x 12 x 36 inches
From the collection of Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell
The inner structure of SUPERBLACK is a trapezoid lined with a micro-etched metal alloy that funnels electromagnetic radiation into the carbon nanotube array, the darkest material that we are currently capable of producing. Picture a vast field of microscopic tubes standing on end, each averaging 30 nanometers in diameter—50,000x thinner than the lead in a No. 2 pencil. While the box appears empty, in another sense it is quite full. Flanked by HEPA filters that remove particles of dust and debris from the air while adding white noise, the installation becomes a meditation on the subjectivity of space as well as color.