Phil Chang
American, born 1974, Indiana
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Two Sheets of Thin Paper, 2015
Four Sheets of Thin Paper, 2015
Six Sheets of Thin Paper, 2015
Unfixed gelatin silver prints
10 x 8 inches

Collection of Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell
Phil Chang’s series of unfixed silver gelatin prints turn the photograph into a live performance, never to be repeated. When the black plastic is removed from the frames shortly before the exhibition opening, Chang’s deceptively straightforward photograms of loosely layered semi-transparent sheets of paper will darken within hours, leaving the original image of the paper buried within.

The artist provides to the collector, additional exposed sheets of the image sealed in light-tight packages so the experience can be repeated sometime in the future. By radically accelerating the effects of entropy, Chang makes us consider the work of art more as a performance than an object.
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Installation view: 1/15/2015 5:00pm
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Installation view: 1/15/2015 5:30pm
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Installation view: 1/15/2015 8:30pm
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Installation view: 1/16/2015 10:00am